Lebanon Bound 🐾

I haven’t written a blog post in a long while, but I’m ending the drought today for one seriously good cause that I’m confident that all you pretty amazing individuals are going to be on board with…

As I’m SURE you’ll remember, a few months back I fostered Bella, an incredible dog that was brought over to London by The Wild at Heart Foundation. Bella was thrown out of a second story window whilst pregnant, breaking her two front legs and jaw. Following this, she spent several years living in appalling conditions within a Lebanese ‘shelter’ where her legs healed without any medical assistance and formed an ‘L’ shape, making her every day life agony. Unfortunately her pups also died as a byproduct of their environment.

Bella’s story is unfortunately one of many cases that come from Lebanon. Maggie, for example, was shot seventeen times whilst pregnant, leaving her blind in both eyes. She also had her ear cut off. Thankfully, thanks to WAHF, she’s now living a happy life in Brighton as a true testament to the unconditional love of dogs.

Decades of miseducation have led to a culture of cruelty, neglect and deeply-shocking violence in Lebanon. The levels of abuse in over there are some of the worst the charity states to have ever witnessed: dogs tied up and used as target practice; puppies thrown from rooftops and balconies; life-threatening wounds inflicted for ‘sport’ or malicious curiosity.

So, why am I filling your screens with more talk of Bella and Lebanon? At the time, SO many of you asked how you could help, and now I’m calling for it.

In a few week’s time I’ll be packing up and heading to Lebanon with the team and volunteers at Wild at Heart Foundation team to save more dogs like Maggie and Bella.

Our mission is to get to the root of the problem: to rescue those dogs in the most urgent need of care, to establish a spay and neuter programme to reduce the numbers of unwanted dogs being born into a life of systematic abuse; and, crucially, to educate communities – especially children – as to the responsibility they have to care for their canine population.

I will, of course, be taking you all along for the ride. However, first we need to get there!

So team, this is me asking if you’ll spare even just a few pounds to aid our work in Lebanon. Every penny you donate goes to this project, PLUS you’ll get to see me in khakis. It truly is a win win.

You can donate on the Wild At Heart Foundation’s site here.




  1. Elisabeth
    August 19, 2019 / 9:02 am

    Wow 😲 a salute you to do this
    Best wishes and good luck from Austria


    • The London Blogger
      August 19, 2019 / 9:09 am

      Aw, thank you! All for the best possible cause!!xx

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