Eating Vegan @ Genesis, Shoreditch

A few weeks ago I went vegan….. for all of five days… I love the thought of being vegan and am 100% on-side of vegans and their ideologies, but actually putting that into practice was, for me, pretty impossible. My meals ended up being very ‘samey’ and I was bored stiff of mealtimes almost immediately.

I have vegan friends who tried hard to convince me that taking up this diet could be really exciting and delicious if you take time to explore different recipes but to be honest I didn’t believe them.. I thought all vegan food was refried beans and lentils. It was only after visiting a brand new vegan, plant based alchemy restaurant in Shoreditch called Genesis that I felt pretty bad for calling bull**** on them!

During a busy day of shooting with photographer friend Bekky, we made a pit-stop to Genesis for a much needed refuel and refuge from the rain.


We didn’t have any struggles trying to find the restaurant as it’s bring pink with a whole lot of neon ⚡⚡⚡


We got in there before there was a queue, although all seats upstairs were already taken, but within 30 minutes there was a steady flow of people waiting to be seated.


The interiors at Genesis have to be seen to be believed. Every corner has been utterly perfected with greenery, unique lighting or comic book style art. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d be surprised if it didn’t quickly turn into the go to for Insta-hunters looking for the next ‘Elan Cafe’.


The menu… oh my gosh! Not only did I have no idea that so many things could be made vegan, but I’d think a normal restaurant would be bold for pushing out such a large menu, let alone a niche vegan one. They had everything you’d expect from a diner menu, including burgers, hot dogs and cheese fries, as well as salads, soups and noodles.




We ordered:

For starters:

  • Kimchi Fries
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Cheese Fritters

For mains:

  • Kale Cesar Salad
  • Char Kway Teow (malaysian street noodles)

For desert:

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream


The food was absolutely delicious – some of the best I’ve had recently, vegan or not. What’s more, if I hadn’t have known it was all vegan, I don’t think I would have even guessed. Our stomachs felt full but not uncomfortable, and oh how lovely it was not to have that post meat feast clammy feeling!!

We visited on a Wednesday and it was pretty busy in there, so I’d definitely recommend reserving a table if you’re considering paying Genesis a visit (which I hugely recommend you do!!).



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