Visiting Washington DC

Following a picture perfect 24 hours in Alexandria, we hopped across the river to Washington DC. Within mere minutes of entering the city I was totally taken back the fact we’d only travelled for half an hour and it seemed like we were on the other side of the world to Alexandria. We’d gone from an olde America, equipped with cobbled roads and historical shopfronts to strong, proud buildings in shades of grey. Saying this, I knew there was also much more colour (metaphorically and literally speaking) to Washington DC than the centre of the city had to offer.

We were staying at Eaton Workshop, a brand new hotel right in the heart of the city. Describing itself as an ‘interdisciplinary hotel experience to travellers seeking inspiration, innovation and impact’, you are immediately immersed in this exact atmosphere as soon as you walk in… A bag of healing crystals is handed to you as you check in, a recording studio is nestled in a corner of the lobby and there are a wealth of health foods acting as a mini bar in the bedrooms. All this, mixed in with a splash of vintage charm. Kind of an American Shoreditch House of sorts.


The bedrooms were cool and quirky with every 21st century comfort accounted for without losing its charm. Each room even has its own record player and a selection of cool vinyls to play; over the three nights I was there I didn’t turn on the TV once because of it, and it was genuinely pretty liberating!


Now, rather than follow my usual blog format of taking you through day by day, I’m going to give you a lowdown of all the places we visited in DC. It’s either that or you endure a hella long post that you’ll need to block about 3 days out of your diary to read…

 The National Mall


We spent half a day touring the National Mall by bike (in 30 degree heat, may I add… 💦). To be totally honest, I had no idea how close each of the monuments were to each other! We ticked of the majority of my DC ‘must-do’s’, including the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial, in one day and in a way that let us take in all the sights and sounds around us rather than being squished in a bus or car. There’s also the option of a Segway tour if you’d prefer.



Our visit to Georgetown wasn’t in our original itinerary, but a few of us fancied paying it a visit and our lovely guide happily accommodated.

This area of DC is so different to the centre; much greener, more suburban and replete with the most gorgeous houses in so many different shapes and colours. It was a spur of the moment visit but provided us with some of the most picturesque scenes DC had to offer.

679b95e4-c652-498a-8e93-7799a139489dPhoto 19-09-2018, 21 49 34.jpg

The green slice of heaven above is the beautiful Dumbarton Oaks; the American equivalent to a National Trust park. With immaculately landscaped gardens that seem to go on and on, a pretty bloody impressive outdoor pool and this 👆🏼 stunning outhouse, everyone was running around like happy little snappers. I, however,  was in a horrendous food coma so had to had a lie down on a cold stone bench…. classy, Em.

Union Market


Union Market is a gourmet food market that’s recently been voted as one of the top 5 food halls in America (pretty big claim!). It’s brimming with every kind of food you could ever ask for as well as being surrounded by some super cool graffiti and murals. Fed stomachs and filling the Instagram quota… ding, ding!

Blagden Alley


A quick but worthy mention! Blagden Alley is a street full of amazing murals and graffiti by acclaimed artists. They’re all so different from each other and unique in their own right (and insta worthy!), however there’s not much else to do there apart from visit one coffee shop. Saying this, it’s it’s incidentally does one of the best iced coffees I had during the trip so I could be persuaded to go back for that alone!


We dined at a lot of lovely places during our time in Washington DC, including Farmers and Distillers and La Vie, but it’s Succotash that I wanted to dedicate most of my blog airtime to. An elegant but not stuffy setting, manageable (for once!) portion sizes and a varied but well thought out menu. A restaurant that I hugely recommend visiting if you’re in the city!


Some other places I also need to quickly slip into this edit are:

National Portrait Gallery


American Art Museum


The Watermelon House (a ten minute walk from Eaton Workshop)


I hope you enjoyed my DC roundup! As always, comment with any questions ♥️


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    So pretty! I’ve been wanting to go to DC

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