Brother Marcus, Angel

I visited Brother Marcus’ Balham restaurant a few months back to enjoy their famed brunch menu, but whilst I enjoyed every last bite, I left feeling slightly sorry for myself that I wasn’t going to be able to gracing their aged wooden tables with my EC1R dwelling bottom more often.

… you can imagine how happy I was when I found out they were opening their second restaurant in Angel, just a ten minute walk from my flat.


Brother Marcus’ Balham restaurant is very much a brunch destination, with some of the most amazing dishes of this kind I’ve had. It really puts more of a considered, gourmet spin on brunch food whilst maintaining an easy going, accessible vibe.

Their new Angel opening still oozes the same laid-back charm, but has settled into its surroundings quickly and established itself as a popular site for brunch, lunch and dinner alike.


The interiors are totally spot on for the cute little pedestrian passage it’s nestled in; sat alongside vintage shops and other independent bars, coffee shops and restaurants. There’s a combination of more formal dining tables and window benches, with furniture that seems to play hommage to a 90s secondary school alongside industrial style small furnishings.


If you know me, you know what a huge cocktail fan I am. Yes, OK that sounds obvious (and, isn’t everyone?!) but I totally admire mixologists can make really good cocktails and who can pick one out of thin air if I’m able to just utter a few words to indicate what I’m in the mood for that evening. Aside from that, I strongly believe that the cocktails a restaurant chooses to serve says so much about them, their vibe, their market and their food.

Brother Marcus’s cocktail list was short whilst covering every base. Long, tall, sweet, dark, light, heavy. I opted for a short gin cocktail, ‘The Basilikum’, comprised of gin, kumquat liquer & basil. The perfect cocktail if you’re going to be a bit unorthodox and choose to drink them through dinner (which I ALWAYS do, sorry mum!).


As we always do, we ordered w-a-y too much food. I genuinely think we ordered over half the menu. Am I ashamed or proud?.. Still trying to figure that one out.

The menu is not actually one I can liken to another restaurant. It’s unique in its take on modern Mediterranean cuisine which isn’t quite tapas, but not a single selection jobby either. The fried buttermilk spiced chicken was good enough to bathe in, I swear to you (and I’m one of those weirdos that is super fussy about chicken – If I see a vein, any fat or any discolouration I’m outtie!) and the cracked pork belly… oh my I can’t even talk about it pre-lunchtime, it’s going to get me all hot and bothered.


We finished up with one (see, sensible!) portion of honey bombs with cinnamon syrup and more or less barrel-rolled ourselves home to commence the deepest food coma that ever was.

Thank you yet again, Brother Marcus!

You can find the new Brother Marcus in Angel, just a few minutes walk from Angel Tube Station at 37-39 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA

Book your table here.


*My meal at Brother Marcus was complimentary, but as always all views are my own. 

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