A night at No.15 Great Pulteney, Bath

The city of Bath is one of the great loves of my life. It’s my hometown and a place that I melt over every time I come back… so much beauty, history and charm like I’ve never found anywhere else.

Great Pulteney Street is one of the most striking and historic streets in Bath (it’s homed people such as Jane Austin and is the widest road in the city!). There really couldn’t be a more perfect location for a hotel to allow its guests to be swallowed up in Bath’s magic.


What’s more, from the age of about 4-12, I lived at number 16 Great Pulteney Street. We lived in a flat on the top two floors with my mum, dad and two siblings (my parents are now remarried and two amazing parents became four, FYI!). So when I booked a night to stay next door at No.15 Great Pulteney in their Henrietta Junior Suite, my sister and I anticipated some serious nostalgia as we checked in.


It’s so amazing to be able to go back to my lovely city as often as I can, but I’ve never slowed it down and visited as if it was my first time; checking into a hotel and having little to do but sit in awe of our surroundings both in and outside of the hotel. As we checked in we both glanced to our right to see our old front door.. we both remembered spinning around on the age old metal prongs that were once used to pick mud out from resident’s shoes, and sitting on the front step watching traffic goby whilst waiting for our poor mum to lug the buggy down four flights of stairs.

We checked into our room, dropped our bags (and our dogs!) and, as we always do, ran around each floor to explore every corner, as if our childhood selves from next door had instilled a fresh injection of springy adolescent excitement. The hotel has been designed to take you back to the street’s golden age; rich burgundy and royal blues, crystal chandeliers, exposed original brick walls, exaggerated curtains and drapes and statement, aged mirrors.


Our room was absolute perfection. THE comfiest king-size bed you will ever land your behind on, a shower that’s bigger than my flat, three huge sash windows (which opened all the way up… a major hotel novelty for me!) and an adorable welcome ‘woof pack’ for our four-legged babies.

We settled into our room for an hour  or so before heading down to the spa. The staff are able to coordinate guest’s visits to the spa (for a small fee) so that only two people are in there at any one time which we did and made it feel SO special. We were shown through to one of the street’s original underground vaults that once formed the house’s staff quarters, now homing an intimate relaxation area with a hot tup and sauna.


We had one blissful hour on the clock to drink bubbles, talk like raving lunatics about everything and nothing, and stoke the walls in a tipsy haze saying “but just think about all the things that have happened here!”. Once our time was up I was not so begrudgingly whisked away down the hall to a treatment room for a 60 minute ‘Natura Bissé time out treatment’.. 60 minutes of deep tissue BLISS (full disclosure – I fell asleep and the poor therapist had to wake me up at the end. Tbh it’s THEIR fault for making it so god damn relaxing!).

Back to the room, washed, dressed, glammed up and ready for drinks in Bar 15 followed by dinner in Cafe 15.




To say dinner was a little chaotic is an understatement… being the slightly reckless and unorganised individuals we are, we got a little carried away in the bar (again.. their fault for making SUCH good drinks I’d say…!) and missed our dinner reservation. Thankfully they kept the kitchen open for us long enough for us to charge down and order three courses (I know, we were those people, and to the staff at cafe 15 I apologise a thousand times over!).

Dinner was incredible and our waiter put his inevitable grudge to one side and helped us pair our wine so perfectly. If you go, you really need to order the crab starter and cheese soufflé. I’m still dreaming about it now.


We woke up to a slightly crowded bed….

Two sisters and their two needy pooched had us up and across the road to the park at around 6am, but all that meant was that we had more hours in the morning to enjoy our surroundings and take in the fresh Somerset air that our lungs long for every second we’re in London.


Breakfast ended at 10:30 and check-out was 12pm so we had a long stretch of relaxing, reading and coffee drinking ahead of us. I’d like to say we got into the spirit of our surroundings and popped a bit of Classic FM on our Robert’s Radio, but instead we threw on Kisstory and rapped along to Nelly in our PJs. Our dogs were a lil confused….

We popped back down to the familiar surroundings of Bar 15 for breakfast (the option for dog owners – anyone else is able to eat downstairs in Cafe 15 although I actually think Bar 15 is my favourite dining space!).


(let’s take a moment for this table – the pieces inside of the glass were individually sourced by the hotel’s owners from various shops, boot sales and vintage stores!)


A large and delicious breakfast sitting happily in our tums and we bid farewell to what is quite literally a home from home for us both. Thank you for having us No.15 Great Pulteney, you wonderful, wonderful place.


Our stay at no.15 was complimentary, but all views are my own 


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