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I’ve been obsessed with all things magical since my age was in single digits when Harry Potter came flying into the world (on a broomstick, of course). Even now, the films are my go-to when I have a few hours to fill and my boyfriends is even re-reading all the books at this very moment. It’s definitely safe to say that we are ‘Potterheads’.

So when Tom spotted one of those ‘Can you believe X is coming to London’ videos on TimeOut all about a magical wizarding afternoon tea in Soho, no time was wasted in securing our spot.

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Although Cutter and Squidge’s ‘Potion Room‘ isn’t affiliated with our beloved Mr Potter, it DEFINITELY fills you with all of that childhood magic. Nor is it just one for the kinds… in fact, all of the ‘students’ in our sitting were well over the age of 18 (also I’m sure helped by the fact there was one hell of a themed cocktail menu available!)


The 2.5 hour themed and interactive experience on Brewer Street, Soho sees guests being spellbound into a secret School of Alchemy as they descend the stairs of the Cutter and Squidge store. Students find themselves in a wizard’s classroom and concoct edible and drinkable potions in their alchemy pots under the watchful guidance of a virtuoso Potion Master, whilst enjoying a delicious and specially created all-natural Afternoon Tea.

To say that this experience is well thought through is the understatement of the century. Each and every corner of the room is in-keeping with the magical theme, including a cauldron, wand, class textbook and one seriously bossy potion master!

Cutter&Squidge_Potion Room 2 HIGHCutter&Squidge_Potion Room 16 HIGH

We chose our tea (I chose unicorn tears and Tom went for English Breakfast… the little spoilsport!) and ordered a few ‘adult’ drinks too (‘Rumbutter floats’ – dark rum and butterscotch with ice cream – very sickly but very delicious!).

Cutter&Squidge_Potion Room 13 Unicorn Sours HIGH

Class then began, with the swish of our wands and a magical making a ‘Galaxy Juice’. It was actually quite surreal to see grown men and women between 20 – 50 getting so excited about playing wizard for a few hours. There were so many childish giggles echoing around the room it really did feel like our cloaks had morphed us back into our former childhood forms.

Cutter&Squidge_Potion Room 1 HIGH

I don’t want to give too much away as a lot of magic was in the surprises that lay at the next puff of smoke, but I will say that a hell of a lot of fun was had, even more delicious food was consumed and we had such a fun two hours tucked away in Cutter and Squidge’s bewitching basement.

Cutter&Squidge_Potion Room 6 Runbeer Float HIGHCutter&Squidge_Potion Room 9 HIGHCutter&Squidge_Potion Room 8 HIGHCutter&Squidge_Potion Room 7 HIGH46ba8bab-26b4-4b50-9f2d-a525c5e021f1

If you fancy getting cloaked up, you can book your tickets here.

Price: Adults from £ 49.50 PP | Children (suitable for 8-12 year olds) £39.50 PP

Daily sittings at 12PM / 3PM / 5PM – sittings last 2.5 hours

Our Potion Rooms experience was complimentary, but all views are my own

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