Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Orange Grove at Pizarro

The job I am all too lucky to have includes a hell of a lot of events, meetings and generally putting myself out there as much as physically possible. A few years ago the thought of doing any of these things would quite literally cause me to break out into a cold sweat. Most people who now meet me assume I’m a happy go lucky extravert with bags of confidence, and that I’ve always been that way. The fact of the matter is that it was only when I got into blogging that I really ‘found myself’ (gag) and my confidence, and became proud and willing to put myself and my work out there to new people. I’d say that I go to on average 5 meetings or events per week, and where most bloggers don’t discuss these, I’m going to start doing just that. After all, I’m meeting brand new people and experiencing brand new places and if you think about it, it doesn’t actually get much more interesting than that for a standard working week!

Press meetings are regular occurrences and actually one of my favourite kinds. Women in the PR industry are some of the nicest and most pleasant to be around and spend time with and these meetings seldom feel like ‘business’.

Last week I met two of the lovely Bacchus PR team at one of their clients’ restaurants, Pizarro (named after the owner Jose’s grandfather who had bar called Pizarro in Talaván).  There are three Pizarro destinations in London; a restaurant in Broadgate, a tapas bar in Bemondsey and a restaurant just across the road. Our locale for the evening was their newest opening, their Bermondsey restaurant. With bold, masculine interiors meeting chic, brightly coloured tiles and sight of delicate cocktails, I knew several steps through the door that this was my kinda place.


Aside from the promise of good company and gorgeous food within an equally as gorgeous surroundings, it was the promise of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla that had me on tenterhooks. It’s a sophisticated new gin inspired by the flavour of Seville oranges which and it’s taken up residence in Pizarro for the summer ☀️


We grabbed three (generous) glasses of the Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla G&T and oh my word…. summer in a glass. So smooth and easy to drink (maybe too easy!) with a distinct kick of sharp orange. Summer 18’s drink, no question.


We grazed the dinner away with a selection of sharing plates from Pizarro’s ‘Pica Pica’ and ‘Arroces del día’ menu offerings and watched each plate being carefully constructed from our view into the kitchen. The citrus prawn fritters & allioli, Red Mullet a la plancha and grilled pulpo & patata revolcona are the three dishes that kept ringing through my mind for a good few hours to come. So much fresh, light summer flavour from each dish that perfectly complemented the next. Plus, the pairing of the Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla gave it that extra summer’s evening kick.

A gorgeous restaurant that’s the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat, a drink after work or a full-blown dinner out. Check them out!

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