Yacht Thursdays

Sipping champagne on a yacht is more or less where I feel my place should be in the world. Taking in the evening sun whilst a ripe strawberry sits bobbing in a fizz-filled champagne flute.. let’s all just take a moment to revel in that vision.

WELL ladies and gents, last night I did just that, and I didn’t even need to leave the comfort of my lovely London.

Sunborn, located on Royal Victoria Dock (just by the O2) is a 420ft yacht with 136 rooms, two restaurants, has just launched their Laurent Perrier sun deck in celebration of their fourth year since mooring in London, and it’s here for the summer!

London is one hell of a city. I wouldn’t change it for the world. My usual inner-city comfort zone consists of cosy East London coffee shops and weird and wonderful Soho bars and restaurants, and I’m all too happy with this cushty little routine I’ve got myself into. However, last night I realised how amazing it is to take a step out of familiarity and try something totally different. There’s something very surreal about sitting on a pink deck chair on the water with a glass of champagne being poured out for you.. it almost seems like you’re cheating on what you think London should be, but god, it felt good. One of those evenings that doesn’t blur into all the rest.
Entering Sunborn you’re instantly taken back by the gold elevator that transports you up into the yacht. The interiors then comprise of faux-suede, rich oak and frosted glass making it feel almost as if you’ve travelled back to get a glimpse into the summer sailings of 14th century monarchy.
With my sister in tow, we immediately found our place in two of the chairs on the deck, grabbed a glass and enjoyed a view out over the sparkling water as the sun began to set. It might sound strange, but it felt very odd to be able to actually speak to each other whilst enjoying a drink.. we’re so used to packed pub gardens or busy bars and having to yell questions about each other’s day whilst getting shoulder barged every four seconds!
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The rest of the deck was packed out with other men and women like us, enjoying the chance to dress up a bit and enjoy fresh air and nothing but the sounds of champagne corks popping. We took some time to grab explore as many corners of the yacht as we could navigate to and getting some snaps and then we simply just sat… sat, talked and drank until the sun was no more.
Although we were on a strict champagne diet last night, the deck serves a special menu of Laurent Perrier champagne and champagne cocktails, and a selection of bar snacks and sharing plates. Signature cocktails include Le Fizz (St. Germain elderflower liquor, fresh lemon juice and Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee), Gran Torino (Lajita mezcal, Galliano vanilla liquor and Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee), and more, whilst nibbles include Crab and Lobster Arancini with Lemon Aioli and Crispy Calamari with Tartare Sauce.
Kudos Lavish Hotels & Resorts for bringing London such a fab place to while away our long summer evenings ♥️

If you want to check Sunborn’s Rooftop Bar out for yourself, it’s open until 23rd September from noon – 10pm.

Images by Bekky Lonsdale 

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