Switzerland (Part 1)

Switzerland had stood firm on my travel checklist for many years. Having several friends with family ties there, I feel like the snowy, history drenched carrot was forever being dangled in front of my face and the promise of quality cheese, wine, chocolate, culture and unparalleled mountain views were all too enticing. Bank holiday weekend travel destination…. Done.

Anna, of Le Fashion Fetish, has long been my naughty blogger friend. We met through my sister around five years ago and have been causing mischief around London ever since. She’s one of those friends that’s kind of like a sister.. We have no qualms about ripping into each other about pretty much anything and more or less spend our lives pushing each other to do stupid things and laughing HARD if the other trips over, spills their coffee or generally experiences any sort of blunder… But all whilst knowing that if anybody else was to laugh at (or contribute to!) the other’s misfortune, well, you simply wouldn’t want to do that.  Without a doubt the best sort of friend to have.

We’d been planning our first getaway together for a while and with Switzerland, being a new destination to us both and being just so easy to get to for a long weekend, seemed like the most obvious destination.


We decided to make the most of three short days in the country by splitting our trip by two areas; Lausanne and Bern. Spending our first two nights in Lausanne followed by one final night of Swiss bliss in Bern.

Less than an hour and a half in the sky and a short train ride found is in location number one. Lausanne is a little town just one hour’s drive from Geneva and is drenched in history, with cobbled streets rich with chocolatiers and views over the Lake Geneva onto the Swiss Alps. A postcard town that is just everything you’d expect and want from your first taste of Switzerland.

We arrived in Lausanne and headed straight to our hotel, the Royal Savoy. The hotel seems like something out of a Disney film. Being established and build in the 1900s, it has a royal, castle-like aura and seems to stand proudly superior to all off the buildings around it.

f745812a-df4d-4ff6-846e-9642b192fd51e8ac492c-51b0-4020-a92e-253cdebaf2b27d98ae81-5817-493e-bcba-bc6bbbfeff6bThe interiors of the hotel were regal and traditional, with a grand, marble-lined concierge and reception, high ceilings and 18th Century oil paintings hanging on the walls. Our room also followed suit of the communal areas; rich in colour, comfortable in every possible way and rich in marble and dark mahogany wood. We also had a balcony which looked out over the river and straight onto the snowy Alps (many an insta pic was to be snapped here!).


We arrived at the hotel before midday, so spent about an hour filming, shooting and unpacking (or in my case just excitedly throwing my clothes around the room, much to Anna’s absolute clean freak horror) before scrubbing the airplane off us and heading out to explore the area.


We’d not considered the fact that we’d arrived on Good Friday and that there would be absolutely nothing open in the area… nevertheless, we walked soaked up the scenery and strolled up and down every street we could come across, partly because we were eager to explore, but mostly in the search of a good glass (bottle) of wine.


After an hour or so we gave up on out not so great map reading abilities and jumped in a taxi and asked a lovely local man to take us to anywhere that was both open and was able to plonk a bottle of anything and a good amount of cheese in front of us. We ended up at a tiny and adorable fondue restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Feeling a bit (lot) tired from the walking and also from our 2am alarm time that morning (Anna’s one of those ‘get to the airport four days before the flight time kind of girl……….) we were drowsy and positively d-r-u-n-k by 3pm and headed back to the promise of our 5* hotel spa.


The spa at the Royal Savoy is one of the best I’ve ever been to. Not only is it absolutely huge, it’s clean, modern, utterly relaxing and has every convenience you could possibly ask of from a spa. Outdoor pool and chairs, (huge) indoor pool, mixed sex sauna, steam, pool and jacuzzi, single sex sauna, steam, pool and jacuzzi, plunge pool, cold showers, hot showers, fully kitted out changing rooms and the loveliest staff on hand at every corner. The dream location to spend a few tired and tipsy hours before dinner. What’s more, once we were positively pruned, we hopped straight into the neighbouring spa salon for a trim and blow-dry before dinner… bare minimum for a day’s graft = achieved.


The hotel’s restaurant offerings were, once again, some of the best I’ve had in as long as I can remember. We ate in the Brasserie Du Royal and enjoyed three course of delicious local specialities prepared with regional ingredients as well as signature dishes created by Michelin-starred chef Marc Haeberlin. 


Also, don’t even get me started on the Espresso Martinis. 


Our second and final day at The Royal Savoy was possibly even more luxurious than the first. Breakfast in bed followed by a morning massage (WOW) and dip in the spa’s pool before wrapping up for another explore of our surroundings.


A five minute walk down the hill from our hotel and we found ourself on the waterfront, with its absolutely crystal clear lake and mountain views being followed by quaint Swiss restaurants homed within the most gorgeous traditional buildings.

We spotted sheepskin-lined chairs and made a b-line for the promise of food and warmth. Taking up residence on the terrace of ‘Cafe Beau-Rivage’, we ordered afternoon tea for two and enjoyed several hours sipping tea with the birds under blankets and heated lamps.


One more night was spent feeling spoiled rotten and morning waking up to the mountains before hopping on a train for a final night in Bern

Lausanne and Royal Savoy, I can’t have asked for anything more. The most amazing scenery, people, food, drink and comfort. Never change!

Stay at the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa from CHF 300 per night in a deluxe room (approximately £222).

For more information or to book, please call +41 21 614 88 88 or email reservations@royalsavoy.ch

Click here to visit The Royal Savoy

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My stay at the Royal Savoy was complimentary but, as always, all views are my own.

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