My fave London Coffee shops

The fact that every third post on my Instagram includes a coffee in some form has proooobably given you the clue that I’m one hell of a coffee lover. For me, my day (and brain) doesn’t start until I have an oat milk latte firmly in my grasp.

London is absolutely brimming with amazing coffee and passionate and skilled baristas who I know I can trust with my all important morning cup. However, being freelance and spending a lot of my working as well as social time in coffee shops, for me it’s as much about the environment as the coffee I’m served.

Here are some of my absolute favourite London destinations and regular welcomers of my caffeine withdrawing self.

Brill, Exmouth Market 

For the last two and a half years I’ve lived within the foodie splendour of Exmouth Market. During this time I’ve drank enough coffee from the gorgeeee indie coffee shops to drown myself in the stuff ten times over (let’s be honest, worse ways to die…). From the bunch, however, Brill is my Sunday morning go-to. A quirky and intimate coffee shop turned record shop that serves delicious coffee with one hell of a kick along with THE best salmon and avocado bagels you’ll find in EC1. Can get pretty packed after about 11 on the weekends though, so be sure to get there early on if you wanna bag a good spot.


Renzo, Shoreditch 

I discovered Renzo a few months back totally by chance. I was en route to a meeting and more or less quivering with coffee depravation. I’ve not walked past without grabbing a latte ever since. There are few seats inside bar the window bar and a few stalls, but a super cute garden out back and bench in the front for when Spring starts decides to rear its head.


The Old Shoreditch Station

Another accidental discovery. I was invited for a meeting here last year and I ended up adopting it as my office for the day, staying there for another three hours slowly getting higher and higher on caffeine. As good as the coffee is, it’s the interiors I adore about this place. Really chilled, minimalist and edgy, but at the same time still quite undiscovered so you won’t be fighting your way to your coffee hit. Also perfect for getting your head down for a few hour’s digital graft.


Shoreditch Grind

Granted, Grind is hardly an undiscovered London haunt, but their Old Street location (technically called ‘Shoreditch grind but right outside Old Street tube) still stands as one of my favourite coffee shops. Quite fast paced and busy, but if you can get spot at a table or the bar and get there in time to nab one of their disgustingly enormous croissants and you’re in for a good time. Perfect for a quick central London pit-stop, especially if you want to get a good shot for the ‘gram.


HR Higgins 

You’ve probably seen this one on my Instagram feed a lot, but I’m still nowhere near being sick of it. It’s a speciality coffee roasters and shop upstairs, with the most beautiful coffee shop downstairs. The baristas know everything there is to know about coffee and will talk you through all of their blends to find you the perfect cup. They recognise me when I go in there now (it’s just opposite one of my client’s, so I’m a regular visitor), and they know to give me the one that keeps me buzzing off my bonnet for approximately four hours 😋 The coffee shop for serious coffee lovers.



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