Asked by you: How I Edit my Photos

I get so many questions from you guys as well as friends of mine with regards to my photo editing, and it’s always almost impossible to give an answer there and then due to the sheer number I use…

Editing doesn’t necessarily mean making your waist smaller or your skin smoother, it’s also about bringing out the best of your photos in colour and tone and helping give them a bit more depth and feeling.

My photos, for example, are a bit dark and moody. I love the look of vintage images and wear lots of navy, red and black as I know I can maximise on these in edits to that effect.

My editing process, start to finish, goes like this…

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is the OG of editing. I take my images there in first instance primarily for colour balance. Selecting specific areas to up or down the brightness or saturation.


2. Lightroom 

If a photo is really struggling in quality (e.g. if it’s an iPhone pic on a gloomy day) but I really want to use it, I use Lightroom’s super easy slider edits to amend the image’s lighting and clarity. It has other editing options too but in my opinion these are better in other apps.


3. Airbrush

I don’t take pride in editing my face or body, but with my poor skin I use Airbrush more or less on every photo of my face to smooth out my blemishes. Their ‘acne’ tool is really good for this.


4. Snapseed

Snapseed is great for whole image colour editing (it differs slightly from Lightroom and Photoshop) and gives a good depth of shading. You can also select specific areas to amend clarity, saturation, contrast and brightness. I generally use it to add clarity to aspects of an image such as jewellery when I want them to stand out more.



Anyone who’s serious about Instagram should have VSCO and should pay to unlock all presets, too. I use the same VSCO preset in all of my edits to ensure consistency of colour across my grid. You can also pin yours to the top of your app so you can easily and quickly select it every time.


6. Instagram

The final part of my editing process is a few tweaks on Instagram before I post. I ALWAYS up the ‘lux’ by about a quarter and ‘sharpen’ by about half, if not more.
Granted it seems a lot, but whatever edits you choose, you quickly get in the routine of it and will soon find your friends gawking over your shoulder uttering ‘christ, you are high maintenance, aren’t you’ – trust me!


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