Baby’s First LFW

During London Fashion Weekend, my feet barely left the ground. I wouldn’t say I went ‘full LFW’, but I did have the pleasure of attending a handful of events and presentations that left my toes in blisters and phone needing to be recharged three times throughout the day. Telltale.

My boyfriend was set to spend this weekend with friends in Leeds, but before he headed off for 48 hours of debauchery and I put my best ‘smize’ to the test, I snapped him up to spend our Friday night at The Mondrian.

Book Mondrian Hotel London South Bank (2)

We’ve been together for almost five years but I sometimes feel like that’s all the more reason to make effort to do things like spontaneous nights away together. I could so easily spend every night just curled up with him on the sofa but I also love being out with him, drinking wine, giggling like stupid little teenagers and most definitely being that annoying twosome that get on everyone else’s nerves.

Our room at the Mondrian overlooked the river; a totally tranquil and serene little haven in the centre of London. We sat up by our window and watched the sun go down, trying to guess the ages and stories of all the buildings on the other side of the water. Showered, dressed and quick five (fifteen) minute catch up of the football for a certain someone and we were ready for dinner.


The Sea Containers was our dinner designation. A quirky and inviting restaurant with chic American-style interiors and statement bar making up the focal point of the room. We ordered crab toast to start and sirloin steak to share, alongside several cocktails (mojitos to die for) and glasses of red.


I tapped out only about half way into the mound of steak we had oh so optimistically ordered and assumed the ‘oh god I can’t move’ sliding off my chair position which thoroughly embarrassed my boyfriend each and every time I do it. We eyed the sticky toffee pudding on the menu but there comes a point you cross the line from amazing meal into internal punishment and we had entered the realms of the latter.

We slept like logs, watched the sun come up and departed from the hotel lobby in different directions at the discomforting Saturday morning hour of 8am.

Saturday morning had me at Hill and Friends, South Molton Street bright and early. Hill and Friends are one of the clients I’m lucky enough to freelance for. They’re an empowering, female owned handbag brand which, speaking totally unbiasedly of course, make the most amazing pieces (you’re sure to have seen a lot of them on my Instagram!).





Hill and Friends did fashion week a little differently this year, and had line artist Alexa Coe taking over the already pretty darn sassy pink store with floor to ceiling art alongside collaboration with leather painter Elizabeth Ilsley. A kind of all-accessible LFW celebration which for me is everything fashion should be!

Three hours at the House of Hill and Friends greeting influencers and social media-ing for the brand and my sassy silver boots hit the streets once again. I met my friend/cousin for a coffee and refuel and we made our way to the 21 Buttons X The Blogger Programme event in Leicester Square. 21 Buttons is an app that lets you shop outfits straight from the app. The app is amazing and I use it a lot, but I mainly wanted to go to meet the 21 Buttons ladies I speak to so often and also have another chance to meet some new influencers. That’s actually a great thing about what I do and why I love it; I was never an ‘events’ person before, but when you know everyone’s in the same boat as you and looking to do the same, the anxiety of it all just goes. The bar helps too.


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Next we hopped in a taxi to ‘The Model Village’ at 100 Wardour with Reserved and Wonderland Magazine. I’ve loved Reserved and Wonderland for as long as I’ve known of their existence, so I absolute revel any opportunity to meet them in any way. It was very much a social event; mingling (although we were 100% the only non high fashion models in the room and my 5’7 self has never felt so small!) and looking at the Reserve collection with a drink in hand.


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 08.09.58

TAXI! Day over and out. To Shoreditch House we go. Glasses of rose under the heaters by the pool and to carry on into the night as more friends joined. Let’s just say it was very fortunate that Sunday had no events in the schedule.


The rest of fashion week has me at a handful of shows which I absolutely adored. As this is my first since going part-time with the blog, I’m excited for next year to take me to some more. Let’s see!

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