(Shift) Dress to Impress

It’s absolutely no shock to you all that my style is sort of tomboy-boho chic (yes, I really did just say that), I tend to throw together whatever I can that is easy, comfortable and effortless and hope that it’ll look fit for human consumption. I quite simply love the fact that a biiiig oversized knit and jeans just go so well with a staple boot or vans. However in saying this, my latest wardrobe obsession is in fact shift dresses. Hold onto your hats ladies, I CAN dress like a female sometimes! In fact, I’m even going to show you where some of my favourites are hiding…

 I’m so excited that I can now share with you (I say now because I indeed did my research) one of my go-to retailer for shift dresses, Warehouse. I feel like there’s always a style hiding away in there somewhere for a look for brunch, cocktails, shopping or date night, and love their kind of effortless take on minimalist meets a little bit edgy if you know how to style it.  

Here are some of my favourite styles for this awkward in-betweeny season (click the gifs for links!) –

Webp.net-gifmaker (16).gif

Webp.net-gifmaker (18).gifWebp.net-gifmaker (17).gif Webp.net-gifmaker (19).gif

I’ve always received such amazing feedback whenever I’ve worn a shift dress with my usual jacket and boots. I usually add in a pair of tights for the winter time, not only for the warmth but for the fact the term “winter glow” doesn’t exist and there is a reason for that; pale ladies hollaaa. Also with Valentine’s just around the corner, I’ve found SO many cute blush/red toned dresses on Warehouse’s website that would make such a perfect date night outfit and alternatively for the single ladies who are celebrating Galentine’s 💕

This post was sponsored, but as always all views are my own.


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