The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

How’d ya know a lunch was amazing? You run straight to write about it, that’s how.

Well, today I visited The Gunmakers in Clerkenwell; an independently owned pub turned restaurant turned hairdressers (not joking – check out their top floor!).


Established as a pub in the early 1800s, The Gunmakers retains so much original charm of a classic English Pub whilst bringing about a quirky modern vibe (without being at all try-hard).

We paid our visit at lunchtime and were greeted by a lively bunch of city workers at the bar. We squeezed through, grabbed a glass of wine at the bar and headed to our table in the quieter dining area just a few meters away.

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The menu was incredible. Asian fusions with a British twist. We ordered more or less one of everything (no judgement allowed on TheLondonBlogger domain please!!) and each and every plate was on a level of exquisite I haven’t tasted outside michelin star restaurants. I honestly can’t begin to tell you how interesting, different and delicious each mouthful that hit my mouth was.


Ridiculously amazing food, staff on-hand to recommend and make you feel at home and even a pile of classic board games for those looking to nestle in for a good few hours.

Trust me, check ’em out! 

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