2017, It’s been a ride

I’m so excited to write and share this blog with you all.. I wanted to recap on the year past and I feel absolutely privileged to put it into written form to share with you lovely, amazing bunch of strangers who have truly picked me up when I was down and made my highs even higher.

I can say with some serious bloody confidence that 2017 has been the most pivotal of my 26 years on this planet. It’s the year that I found my feet and confidence in my work, my relationships and in myself as a living, breathing, wine drinking, London dweller.

I barrel-rolled into 2017 in a job that ground me to the absolute bone, pretty all-consuming anxiety and depression and many frustratingly unfulfilled ambitions that gave me that horrible ‘working towards’ feeling every day when you feel that the place you’re in now is a stop-gap. The most frustrating feeling ever. I vowed to get my s**** together in 2017 and build a life that made me happy and content every single day.


On 28th December last year I sent the below message to one of my best friends. I remember being in the car with my boyfriend at the time and quite literally having a eureka moment and squealing at him ‘I know what I’m going to do!’. I have about three of these moments a day which he generally has to talk me down from when I’m yelling ‘let’s move to the country!’ or ‘let’s get a dog!’, so on this time he also tried to bring me back down to earth but I knew that I wasn’t going to give up until I succeeded in establishing my own business venture. That very night I got home and bought a domain for my website and began strategising how I was going to make this work. I didn’t stop until I saw I was making movements and worked 12+ hour days until I had a client base enough to hand in my notice and go it alone.


Going freelance and (successfully!) running my own business is something that 2016 me would have absolutely cracked up over. But I put in the work, the time and the confidence needed to make it work and here I am, 9 months later and loving each and every day. Negative work situations was always something that for me had a really huge impact on the rest of my life and I’m so thankful that I went for it and pushed myself to have that terrifying but ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ mentality. Best choice I’ve ever made.

Health and Mindset 

Anxiety and depression are topics I’ve discussed a lot on my platforms. I came into 2017 in a place that brought some level of sadness and discomfort to every day through my illness. Whether it’s a product of the meditation, yoga, medication, tapping therapy and anything else I could try to get me out of the place I was in or simply my personal self-evolution, but it is my general mindset towards what people thought of me that changed it all. In 2017 I reached a place in my life for the first time when I became comfortable, proud and unapologetic for who I am. The biggest taking from this in 2017: last week I uttered the words ‘I don’t feel depressed anymore’. All fingers crossed please that 2018 keeps in that way!


Relationships with friends has always been something that’s had a big impact on my mindset and happiness. Up until 2017 I’d tried to keep many friendships alive even though I knew they were doing me harm in one way or another. And that doesn’t mean I was an angel either; it made me a lazy friend towards these people and resentment built up on both sides. I’m ending 2017 with the most fabulous group of women beside me who empower and push me to be the best I can, as I do for them. My ride or dies who are nothing but bundles of positive energy.


I’m yet to refer to my London Blogger universe as ‘work’. Many influencers of course do use it as their main source of income and all credit to them, Jesus! You might think it’s all posing and nice dinners but a hell of a lot of work goes into this little digital space! For me, however, my blog remains a part-time passion of mine, it holds value in something so much more important. It has been the main element that has spurred on all the positive changes I’ve just discussed. It’s given me a platform to step away from the negativity that is so consuming in my own little ‘bubble’ and explore my creativity, interests, talents and meet so many amazing men and women who have opened my mind up to a much bigger world.

2017 is the year that The London Blogger really came into its own, and I want to thank each and every one of you SO much for taking my 2017 journey with me and spurring me on to find my happiness. Your comments of kindness and ongoing support mean more than you’ll know!! I can’t wait to carry on growing this space for us all.


2018’s resolutions 

Switch off from social media 

(…sometimes). There’s always a photo op, vine to laugh at or comment to respond to, but I’ve also realised that not everyone in my life appreciates me being stuck to my phone 24/7. Time and place.

Drink more water 

I know it’s awful, but I can sometimes realise I’ve gone a full day with having only a glass or two of water. must.drink.more. I also know my god-awful complexion will benefit from it.

Grow my business

The time has come to hire another ‘me’ into my marketing company. Ah!


Especially as a substitute to the unhealthy social media scrolling before bedtime.


I’m SUCH a ‘but you could die tomorrow’ sort of person, but the time has come to actually come into being a functioning ‘grown-up’ and start saving for a house, car, wedding blah blah blaaaah.

Because I simple just don’t.



  1. Kayengary
    January 1, 2018 / 9:51 am

    I’ve loved following your journey through your blog, and living vicariously through your beautiful photos is now a guilty pleasure of mine!
    Your openness and honesty are refreshing and a welcome change- I hope the New Year brings you growing confidence and success xx

    • The London Blogger
      January 1, 2018 / 5:59 pm

      Thank you so so much for such a lovely comment! It has kicked my 2018 off amazingly and honestly means the world ❤️ Have an amazing 2018 lovely! xxxxx

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