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The London Blogger, e.g. skin woe girl. My complexion has been a constant source of agony since I switched contraception about six months ago. My hormones went out of control and my skin took the brunt of it.

Since discussing my problems over my Instagram, I’ve found so many of you are interested and have similar experiences. With this, I’ve made it my mission to trial out as many skincare services, products and techniques in order to find the ones that are worth shouting about.

Gazelli House is a wellness spa in Kensington that is renowned for its facials. I’d been wanting to give it a whirl for a while and finally got the chance when the invited me down to try their new ‘SkinFix30: Radiance’ in November. The facial was curated to be intense and ideally suited to all types of winter-worn skin as in the colder months, especially in polluted old London, skin requires a little more maintenance than usual.

The 30-minute treatment focuses on renewing the skin through comprehensive exfoliation. Using a combination of natural acids, the treatment aims to rebalance skin’s natural microbiome and offer antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals, which accelerate the signs of ageing (I’m not sure what I just told you in that paragraph… but whatever those words mean, they did some pretty good stuff to my face).

I enjoyed the short yet oh so sweet treatment under the care of an absolutely lovely therapist before spending another hour or so upstairs on their amazing terrace trying out their range of herbal teas and catching up on a few emails. Following my visit, my skin felt bouncy, fuller and quite literally squeaky clean. The day or two after I had a small breakout (as expected with most facials), but once those and done their thing I could enjoy some much longed after makeup free time without feeling like I was causing some sort of injustice to the eyes of the public!

Gazelli House, I’ll be back!

Gazelli also have another two treatment joining the SkinFix30 range in January; ‘SkinFix30:Recovery’ and ‘SkinFix30:ProAge’, so be sure to check them out for some post-festivity detox.



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