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One of the most brilliant things about being a blogger is not knowing what’s going to land in your inbox, where you’re going to go or who you’re going to meet on any given day. Never in my previous, ‘average’ life would I be afforded the privilege of both time and energy to receive an invite at 2pm and be on a tube across the city to the destination just a few hours later.

Well, thats exactly what happened on a dreary Thursday, week before last. One hour I was sitting in my PJs catching up on emails, the second I was gratefully accepting an invitation from Cubitt House to experience their fourth and final sitting of their 2017 banquet series at The Orange.


Paying homage to local producers and seasonal ingredients, with a strong emphasis on the ‘Best of British’, the banquet was hosted by Executive Chef Leigh Hartnett, alongside supplier of meat to the Cubitt House Group Mark Leatham of Lyons Hill Farm. In essence, it was set to be the most quintessentially British dinner I was ever set to have.


The evening’s event was set within the spacious downstairs area of The Orange which incorporated chic shutters, vintage mirrors and plush relaxed seating set back from a traditional banquet table which I’d soon be pulling up to alongside 29 complete strangers.

The evening encompassed a cacophony of dishes, provided by Lyons Hill Farm and cooked to perfection by The Orange’s kitchen.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 16.38.57 copy

Each dish was introduced by the meat supplier and head chef, giving us a genuinely fascinating insight into the history of the dish, sourcing of the meat and other glimpses into culture and sport that come alongside.


Being plonked in the middle of a table alongside complete strangers with an equal passion for good food is something I honestly wish I could repeat each and every week. It’s unbelievably refreshing to engage in conversation with people you’d never have the chance to otherwise, and all whilst digging into locally and ethically sourced produce with a taste that hits as good in the mouth as the indulgence does to the conscience.

Thank you Cubitt House and The Orange, you are a breath of fresh air to 21st century dining!

Cubitt House are holding their next banquets on:

  • Tuesday 6th March – Fish Banquet
  • Tuesday 15th May – Beef Banquet
  • Tuesday 25th September – Nose to Tail Banquet
  • Tuesday 13th November – Game Banquet

So check them out – trust me!! 

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