The Importance of Self Love

Through school, university and actually even up until just last year, I found myself stretched in all directions trying to please and impress friends, family, employers and even acquaintances. Each person in every dimension of my life had a different view of not only who I should be, but who someone like me should be.

At school I was always very unsure of who I was and where I stood in the world, which is actually why I turned to social media quite young in a bid to cement my persona in a form I could curate and control. This in itself brought with it critique from even some of my close friends, questioning whether I was self absorbed or trying to turn myself into someone new. In reality, it was spurred by my lack of self-confidence and need to find my voice.

In the last year or so I’ve found more confidence I could imagine in the work I’m doing with my blog and freelance marketing work. I’ve realised that I am actually stronger and braver than I’d ever considered and in turn have become comfortable in myself not by ‘searching’ for it, but by not just accepting who I am and where I’m at, but feeling proud of it. I came to realise that my life didn’t come about by accident and the place I am right now is something I’ve actively and consciously endeavoured to.

This is something that I wish all women to find, and I wish all women would support others in their choices rather than scrutinise. I’ve been fortunate to be able to filter my friendship group to a place where everyone I have in my life now, I know would die for me and will support me through any and every choice. The sort of girls who will big up your life, submit supportive buzzwords on your Instagram pictures and who will jump in a taxi to your house when things get bad. I’m told I’m embarrassing, I have no filter, I dress like a ‘grandma’ (ahem girl, you know who I’m talking about), but it’s all out of love and support by the people who really know me. And if that wasn’t the case, I’d take my fine self and go find some people who want to be publicly embarrassed by my loud expletives and constant pestering to get on some poor stranger’s shoulders when I’ve had one too many….

For the love of god, grab your friend and tell them they’re beautiful, tap the woman in front of you in the supermarket and tell them you like their jacket, and learn to love yourself and be confident in the life you’ve chosen. 💛

“Girls criticise, women empower”



  1. November 15, 2017 / 1:30 am

    Guuuuurl yes! I looooove this “Girls criticise, women empower”. More women need to empower other women instead of putting them down.

    • The London Blogger
      January 1, 2018 / 5:56 pm

      Yaaaass! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • The London Blogger
      January 1, 2018 / 5:55 pm

      I’m so sorry it’s take me so long to respond to this sooner! My site has been a little bugger and not alerting me to comments!

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment – soooo adore hearing feedback, especially from like-minded people ❤️ Girls for Girls! ✊🏻

      • January 15, 2018 / 12:31 am

        Girls for Girls indeed 😊 Happy New Year ❤️

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