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Living in London makes you feel as though you literally.never.stop. In between running on and off the tube, attending meetings, going to the gym (or at least thinking about going to the gym) and actually earning a living, I’d say it feels like I have mere seconds left over to relax and indulge. It’s because of this that I have settled on a few chosen ways in which to spoil myself and simply stop being the flappy human I seem to be 95% of the time.

One of these indulgences is the good old-fashioned blow dry. Sitting back and enjoying putting my frazzled mop in the hands of a professional whilst they scrub, massage and style me as I sip a cup of tea and gormlessly scroll through my phone is nothing shy of bliss.

Living in central London, my hair spends its entire life being exposed to pollution, dust and hard water, which quickly dulls my highlights and simply makes my hair feel a bit ‘icky’. It’s for this reason that I organised a trip to Paul Edmonds to experience the Shu Uemura art of hair urban moisture blow dry; a range which works to protect and revive hair from urban naughties.


The Paul Edmonds salon itself is the epitomises chic luxury, with handsome mahogany walls, splashes of gold and vintage-style vanity mirrors. First thought: I bet they give good biscuits with their tea (is that wrong?!).

shu uemura

My hair was placed in the hands of the lovely Jenny who proceeded to pamper my locks with:

  1. Urban moisture hydro-nourishing shampoo
  2. Urban moisture hydro-nourishing conditioner
  3. Urban moisture hydro-nourishing deep treatment masque
  4. Urban moisture hydro-nourishing double serum

It felt so relaxing and reassuring to know that my hair was receiving some goodness and nutrients (I was told that the range includes Moringa Extract which is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet!) rather than feeling the usual ‘oh, but the heat damage!’ stress.


I left the salon with bouncy, natural waves which felt like hair rather than crunchy autumn leaves, and any blow-dry regular will know what an absolute treat that is!

I urge you to try this blow-dry out for yourselves, or if your precious time doesn’t allow for a formal pamper sesh, you can purchase the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Urban Moisture range here for some DIY action.

Gimme all you got, inner-city living!


*My blow dry at Paul Edmonds was complimentary, but as always, all views are my own.

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