Chantecaille Facial

Facials, to me, are one of those luxuries that happen once in a blue moon when time and budget permit. Having had around maybe four or five in the past, I quickly learnt that there are few things in this life that beat the feeling of an hour-long pamper in the hands of a soothing professional and leaving with that bouncy glow. Bliss. So when Chantecaille invited me down to try their signature Rose de Mai treatment at Harvey Nichols, I didn’t give it a second thought.


I’ve been an admirer of Chantecaille for many years. Having read and heard all about their natural ingredients, ethical sourcing and the fact it remains family-owned, it hits the brand hat-trick. Definitely the sort of company I’d be pleased to buy into. But is the product as good as the narrative?

The treatment room had all the makings of a relaxing pamper session. Rose petals sprinkled around as far as the eye could see, perfect room temperature, soothing but not cliched music and a soft, light smell of incense.


The Rose de Mai facial granted me an hour-long treatment which combined gentle lymphatic drainage with an acupressure massage (where have these been all my life?!) and a soothing botanical healing mask topped with rose petals. With skin which is prone to dryness and discolouration, my therapist picked a selection of products to tackle these particular woes.  The quickest but most blissful hour I’ve had in a long time.

Following my facial, my skin was plumper, fresher and more ‘alive’. The dreaded dryness has subsided and following my usual cleansing routine and using a high quality moisturiser, I’m so far keeping it that way *touch wood*. Knowing that the products being used were good in every way they could further eased the feeling of relaxation and serenity and the therapist was one of those soft spoken professionals who just made you feel totally placid in her company.


For anyone looking to relax and revitalise, I really do urge you to visit Chantecaille’s Harvey Nichols home and give their facial a whirl. What’s more, the cost of the facial is redeemable by product purchases, so essentially any items you buy after the treatment are free up to the £85 treatment cost price. All the yes’s!

*Treatment booked over the counter only


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