Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

B&H buildings; East London’s most Instagramable brunch spot that brings the outdoors indoors.img52715-768x512

Looking for mid-morning eatery with a relaxed atmosphere, roaring open fire, and bellinis to die for? Then head down to Bourne and Hollingsworth.

As you approach the quirky but rather drab exterior, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the interior might follow suit. However, as you enter the front doors you’re greeted by a blend of whites, greens and splashes of pink; The Jungle Book meets a Nordic tea house.

The moment our backs rested on the spongy armchairs we felt immediately relaxed, whichcn5xvszwoaanyre was somewhat intensified once we had our first bellinis comfortably resting in our palms. We opted for pancakes, which I definitely recommend. However, having copped  sight of the full English and eggs Benedict, I can say with some confidence that these are also viable options! Head chef Alex Visciano certainly knows his way around the kitchen and into the hearts of his diners.


After we’d finished our food we reconvened in the main cocktail bar to enjoy a few more glasses of our bottomless bellinis. Just a few feet away from the dining area, this space embodies a different vibe, with a louder buzz of chatter and laughter and more of a community feel. We got comfortable on one of the sofas and before we knew it another hour had passed, and lets just say the bottomless brunch had certainly lived up to its name…

The conclusion of my visit to Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings? Must. go. again. So, get yourself a reservation locked down as soon as you can, because demand for this place is growing by the day!


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